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The Underground Game Show is a live experience where you and your friends, family or coworkers become the stars of a TV-style game show. Assemble your team and prepare to tackle a medley of challenges, including trivia and hilarious physical antics. A captivating host guides you through each round, complete with studio lights and sound effects. Laughter, friendly trash talk, and the thrill of competition await!


What is the relationship between The Bureau and The Underground Game Show?

​- The Underground Game Show is a sister brand of The Bureau with an independent presence at https://www.undergroundgameshow.com/ and its own social media handles.

- The Underground Game Show exists in the metafiction of The Bureau.

    - The Bureau for Multiversal Interventions, also known as “The Bureau," was founded in 1946 to do the multiverse’s dirty work -- anytime, anywhere. Interventions include activities such as, but not limited to: object retrieval, timestream adjustment, private investigation, creature capture, and research.

     - The Bureau’s founder is a person known simply as "The Director," even by Operatives and Engineers within the organization. Operatives can travel through time and space thanks to The Cosmo Multiverse Transducer, which vibrates the very fabric of reality to open portals throughout the multiverse.

- The Director has set up The Underground Game Show to recruit and prepare Operatives for success on missions by testing and sharpening their smarts, wits, and -- occasionally -- physical skills. He hopes that the game show format will boost new enlistments to The Bureau by reaching people who are familiar with game shows, while also improving Operative retention. He's curated challenges from across the multiverse to keep Operatives on their toes and ready for anything that they may encounter.

Is this an escape room?

Nope! It's an hour-long live experience where a live host challenges players to a series of game show style activities.

Is it underground?

In the metaphorical sense only! The Underground Game Show operates in a secret facility with a speakeasy style entrance. It trains and recruits secret agents, so it needs some degree of secrecy.

When is it launching?

The Underground Game Show launches on Friday, April 28, 2024.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $37.99 per person.

How are games booked?

Games are booked online in advance, but walk-ins are welcome, subject to availability.

What are your operating hours/days?

At launch we will be offering games on Fridays (6pm - 12am), Saturdays (12pm - 12a), and Sundays (12pm - 6pm), but expect to offer games on weekdays soon.

Are games private?

Guests can battle it out with just their crew by purchasing a private session upgrade or challenge all comers for ultimate bragging rights.

How many people can play?

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12. We have configurations that accommodate larger groups but need advance notice.

Are drinks allowed?

Yes! We offer a selection of local brews (shout out to Ivanhoe Park) and wines available for purchase!

Are there prizes?

For now, unforgettable laughs and memories with your friends! Okay, and maybe bragging rights too.

How long is the experience?

Shows last an hour, but we ask that contestants arrive 15 minutes early so that they have time to fill out waivers and grab a soda, beer, or wine before the show!

How will corporate team building work?

We can load up custom trivia questions so corporate teams can use The Underground Game Show as a fun piece of their training regime or just for inside office jokes.

Who hosts the show? 

We currently have a cast of five talented actors who rotate on show hosting duties.

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We're always thinking of new ways for people to get out of their houses and play in environments that are out of the ordinary. Game shows are a form of play that everyone is familiar with, but they're not something you get to do in everyday life. We started The Underground Game Show to let people live out an extraordinary experience with friends and family.

Alexis Santos
Make Real, Inc.

We're excited to customize the show for group events, from birthdays and bachelorette parties to corporate team building in Orlando. We'll be able to load in custom questions for trivia so you can put your friends or colleagues' hyper-specific knowledge to the test.

Alexis Santos
Make Real, Inc.

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